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Carrier vs Courier Services: What’s the difference?

Jun 22, 2017 | Business, Delivery

Confused about the difference between same day carrier and same day courier services?

This blog is here to bust through the jargon and set out what each one does. When goods need to move from A to B there are different options, depending on what your requirements are, such as what the goods are, the timescale, size of goods and other factors. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Courier and Carrier

Courier and Carrier

Next Day Carrier Services

This refers to companies who deliver parcels on a daily basis, with their vehicles doing multiple drops across the UK. For example, if you’ve purchased something online and are expecting it to be delivered the next day, this is likely to be on a carrier service. The delivery times are usually within a set timeframe, based on when there are other deliveries around that area.

Whilst this can be a cheaper option for sending your goods, there is a removed element of customer service, as your goods are part of a large process and are delivered as part of a wide network. This option is usually used by organisations sending out low-cost goods in high volumes across the UK. The goods are usually purchased online, with a next-day option available at checkout before a set time. Most of these service providers have an online tracking system for your parcel, where you enter your tracking number and can see the status of your goods. However, this is only at a basic level of the stage your goods are currently at, e.g in transit, rather than providing information such as the specific location and delivery time.

Same Day Courier Services

This service is different to the carrier option available, although it can be confusing at times. Courier services are a dedicated service for your goods to be delivered from A to B. Although this service holds a slightly higher cost, there are many benefits to using this as opposed to carrier services. Courier services are able to transport any sized item, either the same or next day. The dedicated vans look after your goods from start to finish, without the interference of other deliveries.

Other benefits include goods being delivered at a specified time, personalised service, and extra care of your goods. The personal service dedicated to these deliveries ensures that your goods are delivered on time, no damages are caused, and both you and the end customer receive the best customer service.

NX Courier Services

The NX Group have been providing courier services across the UK for over 25 years, originally operating as National Link Couriers. NX Courier sets itself apart from the competition by offering high level customer service, and meeting bespoke requirements, including a wealth of experience in handling high value goods. Your goods are safe in our hands.

The NX Courier services have a dedicated fleet, suitable for any sized item. Drivers are fully trained, uniformed and DBS checked for your peace of mind, delivering your goods as per your requirements. Communication is key with our customers, therefore we send email notifications and proof of delivery for every booking. Our fleet is tracked and monitored, so you can contact us at any stage to check the status of your delivery.