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NX Courier vans

Ford Connect

1.7m x 1.49m x 1.2m

Load weight: 400kg

Pallet space: 1

Renault Trafic

2.8m x 1.69m x 1.9m

Load weight: 1000kg

Pallet space: 2

Mercedes Sprinter

4.1m x 1.7m x 1.8m

Load weight: 1100kg

Pallet space: 3

Luton Van

4.2m x 2m x 2.2m

Load weight: 900kg

Pallet space: 6

As well as the courier vans above we have access to a fleet of full-sized HGV lorries. The NX Group offers secure distribution for palletised goods and our own uniformed drivers are out on the road driving our own high-spec vehicles. As part of our commitment to safety, we ensure every driver we use is sufficiently trained and works to our high standards of road safety. We are set up with hands-free kits and navigation systems so that your goods will arrive on time and with the maximum care.
Do you need us to go a certain route or use a particular vehicle? No problem. We operate according to the needs of our clients.

Most of our journeys use the Ford Transit Connect which is famous for its reliability and efficiency. We also use the Renault Trafic, and for the larger loads we have an extra long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter. Moving up to the big palletised loads we have a Luton van which has a tail-lift to enable forklift-free unloading. If your cargo is oversized or you need a timed delivery slot, please contact us before making your booking.