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Benefits of a Contract Courier Services

by | May 2, 2019 | Business, NX | 0 comments

If you regularly use couriers for collections and deliveries, it may be worth looking for a contract courier service. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly deliveries a contract courier service provides the solution for your collections and deliveries.

Who uses a Contract Courier Service?

Customers for a Contract Courier service range across different industries depending on the requirements. Contracted Courier services can be used on a project basis for specific collections and deliveries over a set period of time, this is regularly used within construction projects. Other examples include where goods are required to meet specific delivery slots and require a small vehicle or extra care with the delivery. There’s endless reasons customers use a contracted courier service!

What are the benefits of a Contract Courier Service?

  • Pre-book collection and delivery time, vehicle and drivers – Working with a contract courier services means you can pre-book your collections and delivery slots if the information is known in advance.
  • Dedicated Account Holder – Communication with your dedicated account holder means you can get regular updates, make bookings and have full transparency on your delivery.
  • Regular updates – ETAs for collections and deliveries, any traffic updates or other important updates are sent by your dedicated account holder.
  • Signed POD – Get a signed POD sent over within 24 hours of the delivery being made.
  • No hidden costs
  • Build the business relationship – This allows the courier firm to get to know your business in depth, understanding how the deliveries fit within your business structure and any specific or bespoke requirements.
  • Reliable Service – With a contracted courier service you know you can arrange a same or next day delivery with no problem!

NX Courier Services

Here at NX Courier we pride ourselves on our customer service, which is evident in our courier contracts. We go the extra mile to deliver a great service to our customers, working across different industry sectors and delivering goods on a daily basis throughout the UK.

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