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Delivering Every Day: 30 Years of NX Courier

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Business, NX | 0 comments

Our Northants-based, UK-wide same- and next-day courier operation forms part of logistics firm The NX Group. Our division started out as National Link Couriers, which was formed in 1987 near Wellingborough. For the next 23 years the company’s fleet travelled up and down the country providing same- and next-day courier services to a broad range of customers. Excellent, attentive and personal customer service was its absolute priority from the very beginning. 


In 2010, National Link was re-named NX Courier when it was brought under the umbrella of the NX Group brand. With the brand change came progress in the form of steady growth. Courier deliveries now operate out of our base in Northamptonshire, covering all major road networks and positioned less than 100 miles from London and 40 miles from Birmingham, making them ideal locations from which to respond to urgent same-day delivery requests. Vehicles range from a Ford Transit Connect to a 3.5 ton Luton Taillift, which can carry up to a ton of goods

In February 2016, we solidified our operations with our appointment of Russell Thompson to the post of Operations Controller. After starting out as a driver for us, Russell was promoted to the role as a result of his demonstrable enthusiasm and work ethic.

Reflecting on the current climate for courier firms, Russell said: “It’s a thriving market – there’s huge demand for courier services, a lot of one-man bands and healthy competition. I like to think that our belief in great customer service and focus on quality give us the edge.”

Speaking about how the courier division has changed over the last 30 years, Neil Powell, Managing Director of The NX Group, said: “It has changed in many ways – the branding, the range of services offered and our approaches to selling – but one thing that hasn’t changed is the professional and personal service that every customer, regardless of their spend or regularity, is provided.”

Echoing Neil’s words, Russell added: “Customer service remains our highest priority. Making a great first impression, keeping on top of communication with constant responsiveness and updating the ETAs of deliveries is all absolutely essential.”

Asked about his plans for the future of NX Courier, Neil said: “We will continue to stand by our values of trust, honesty and bespoke services. I have no doubt we will continue to grow and attract the customers who demand that little bit extra from a same-day courier business like ours. The aim is that if anyone needs a courier, it will only ever be NX Courier.”

Mike Powell, Chairman of The NX Group, confirmed: “As with the firm as a whole, our aim with NX Courier is to continue to grow profitably by providing customer service of the very highest standard.”

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