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Day in the Life

May 16, 2018 | Business, Delivery, NX

We’ve put together ‘A day in the Life of NX Courier’ to show you everything that goes on behind the scenes, including all the desk based elements such as bookings, and also an insight into what our team of drivers get up to on their daily deliveries. As you can imagine, no two days are the same for the NX Courier team, with collections and deliveries taking place throughout the UK. The range of items we deliver is so vast, from passports to alcohol, Moto GP Helmets to Christmas Trees! Customers can trust NX Courier to deliver their goods on the same day.

Operations Controller

Russell Thompson is the Operations Controller for NX Courier, responsible for booking in jobs, arranging the locations for drivers and overseeing the whole courier process. Russell’s day starts with making a quick cup of tea before the phone starts to ring and emails fly in. Customers send across details of the collection/delivery addresses and what the items are, either by phoning in or sending Russell an email. With this information, Russell can determine which van is suitable, drivers available and the associated time for each job. A quote is provided and then approved by the customer.

Russell books each job onto our RoadRunner system, and the paperwork is prepared. Typically, the paperwork includes details of collection and delivery addresses, item description, weight of item, and requires a signature as proof of delivery. For bespoke products or deliveries there can be other paperwork required, such as delivering to a vessel at a port or dock would require additional sign off. Once prepared, Russell then passes this information over to the driver, either the day before or on the day, depending on the booking.

Russell’s role within the courier operations is very fast paced, often with a quick turnaround from taking a customer’s call, to getting everything booked in, to passing all the details over to our drivers.

Day in the life Vehicle Check

Signing Off

Once a courier job has been delivered, our drivers ensure they have got all the required paperwork signed off. We have a standard set of paperwork which goes out with each job we carry out, however there can also be additional paperwork if the job has any special requirements.

As mentioned, no two days are the same for the NX Courier team. Therefore, deliveries to highly secure facilities, ships at ports, construction sites and central city buildings are no problem for our team! We regularly deliver to such facilities / sites and have experience in the bespoke paperwork, delivery instructions and additional security checks.

Communication is key

Throughout the whole process, there is communication between the driver and Operations Controller, and also updates sent across to our customers. One of the key benefits of working with NX Courier for same day deliveries is the level of customer service. Russell goes the extra mile to provide updates on the ETA of a delivery, and POD once the delivery is complete.


We love getting feedback from our customers and always ensure that any comments are passed on to the driver.

Day in the Life Russell

Courier Drivers: Starting the day with vehicle checks

Our drivers start their day by collecting the paperwork and information about each job. The next task before setting off is to carry out their vehicle checks. This includes a full inspection of the vehicle, including oil, tyres, brakes, lights, tail-lift, and much more!

If our drivers are delivering to construction sites or similar, they will arrive in suitable PPE, ready for delivery direct onto site. All of our drivers are fully equipped with PPE, and will have been given all the relevant information before making their delivery should any PPE be required.

Throughout the UK

Following vehicle checks, the drivers can set off to collect and deliver goods. Collections and deliveries take place throughout the UK, from local jobs in Northamptonshire, to the south coast, to the top of Scotland. One of the things our drivers enjoy is travelling all over the UK. From our base in Northamptonshire, our drivers can easily access the major road networks.

In this Day in the Life, our driver Martin collected goods from Northampton and delivered them to a ship based at Southampton Port. One of our Luton vans was used, as the tail-lift was required for loading and uploading the vehicle.

Most of our drivers travel with a flask of tea or coffee, the clear winner amongst our drivers is definitely a strong tea, which we have re-named the ‘drivers brew’ rather than a builders brew!

Once on their way, our drivers will provide Russell with updates on their ETA for collections and deliveries, which he can then pass on to customers.

Day in the Life of NX Courier

NX Courier

NX Courier provides same and next day courier services throughout the UK, operating from our bases in Northamptonshire. Our fleet is suitable for consignments of any size, and our team are on hand for all your courier requirements. Contact the team to discuss your requirements and for a quote, call us on 01604 217855 or email sales@thenxgroup.com Your goods are safe in our hands.

Thank you to Russell and Martin for taking part in this ‘Day in the life of NX Courier’ blog.